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Candela Learning Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., located in Kelaniya, is a subsidiary of Printcare PLC. Candela is a learner-centric education solution provider on a mission to provide Sri Lankan Students and Teachers with an engaging learning environment.

Our E-Textbook solutions use some of the most advanced ICT technologies available to allow Students and Teachers to realize the huge benefits that technology can bring to lessons in a classroom, and at home. The solutions are reviewed and updated continuously to incorporate the latest advancement in technology and content.

Our E-Textbooks are developed in accordance with the NIE curriculum and based on the Education Publication Department’s text books.

The content is designed with audio visual interaction to maximize learner engagement and knowledge absorption, as well as teacher effectiveness and lesson productivity. This is an ideal tool for students to prepare for the next class or revise concepts already learned in class.

Candela’s E-Textbooks help children study smarter, not longer. Students can see how they’re doing and work toward mastery at their own pace, so that they don’t gets left behind and don’t get bored. Teachers too can use our content as a tool to increase the effectiveness of their classes.

Candela content provides kids with an instructional solution that promotes subject mastery through dynamic, interactive learning. Unlike many programs developed for print, Candela content is a digital solution that takes full advantage of the new digital learning environment.

The Company

Corporate Social Responsibility

Candela, a subsidiary of Printcare PLC, is committed to acting in a socially responsible manner. Candela already engages with its many stakeholders in a holistic manner. It helps under privileged students through its sponsorship policy by selecting talented students every year and providing them with financial assistance to cover school expenses.

Candela has also provided more than 40 schools in the Kelaniya Educational Zone, as well as over 30 schools Island wide, with a full set of Candela Science CDs free of charge. This enables teachers to use these CDs in their day to day lessons helping them be more effective in completing the syllabus, whilst offering students an engaging and enriching learning experience.

Awards and Accolades

Our efforts have been encouraged and rewarded with many prestigious awards. We have won the E-Swabhimani award and the NBQSA Gold award in the Education Sector.

Candela was the sole E-learning content product nominated to represent Sri Lanka at APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) held in Singapore.

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